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Ignore the bullies

Hello everyone! :)

First off can I just apoligise for having been away from the site for so long. I was so caught up in finding a job, and then being offered one I've had no time to come on here. I just thought that I would give everyone a real quick update. As I said I now have work, which is super great! xD I just wanted to post this really because I thought it might inspire someone. 7 weeks ago, I was stuck in a psychiatric unit, and now I'm doing an apprenticeship for a law firm. So many people posted things onliune about me, about how I am 'crazy' or 'a psycho' and I've proven to them all that I am capable of achieving something, even after I was told countless times my life was going nowhere and I would be better off dead. So really, if any of you have had similar comments, ignore it, please do not give anyone the satisfaction of putting you down. Do the opposite, go out into the world and achieve your dream.

Oh, and enjoy your Christmas :P
Happy to hear things are looking good for you. And for anyone else reading this Surferchckita is 100% right, *you* just have to stop listening to everyone who is negative and do your own thing and things will work out. Patience and persistence is something we all need to make it happen in life.

Glad you found yours and got through. Good luck with the apprenticeship.

Stay amazing,
Hey there , these are indeed good news ,i am really happy for you and i know this all will motivate you to continue to progress in any life aspects. Myself recently had a chance to experience two good things in just one day,to hear two good news in a one day is like a miracle,especially from where i come from. First,my mother got a very good job wich in her case is like winning a jack pot in lottery ticket , because,here in my country, if you want to find job in a state institution you need to have very good conections but she managed without any,just by being persistant and decitefull to get it,but all this didn't came in one day,it took very long time but she deserves it.She was already out of her nerves,starting to think she is going nuts and then she recevied a good news.The other one was , we got a case on the court where our landlordes filed a lawsuit against us, wanted to kick us out because of some fullish ideas,it doesn't really matter,it is a long story,but we got the case,the verdict was in our behave and we didn't even had a lawyer because it was too expensive for us,we defended us by ourselves on the court of law and we won. There is nothing better than to receive such good news ,it is almost as a prize for our hard work that gave great results.
We didn't expect the verdict to be on our side,because law in my country is very uneasy and it is not on the side of a common men,but it is in favour to people that have money and prestige,it is really rare that poeple who work hard and fair get justice here so you can yet imagine our suprise and happiness when we heard we won. :) Our joy couldn't see the end. And after that i started a new line: if there is justice in this country(my country),anything is possible...Not only i belive anything can happen,i also learned something new,i learned some law terms and regulars and now some of my friends turn to me when they need some legal advices. :) So,keep on with what you doing beause,nothing is impossible.Good things come to you when you least expect them. :) Talk to you soon again.Bye.

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I'm so glad to hear you've had some good news, well done to your mum on getting her job! Hope things continue to go well for you and our family :)
Congrats!!!!!!!!! Your so good at handling stuff like that! I wish I could do what you can. Your not crazy your the just right crazy =3
Congrats on your new job
This reminds me of a quote: "To achieve something, don't listen to others. Act like you don't care. Then they will be surprised with your achievement.

Anyways, congratulations for your new job!