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I feel hopeless right now

I've had a group of ppl harassing me for over a year now - I took a stand against a private Facebook page ridiculing local addicts by name, using their pictures with the caption "Meth or Not" & just being really cruel. I don't regret standing up for other ppl but I can't have a social media account without insults & innuendos, suggestions that they have videos/pictures of me engaging in sexual acts with partners i had no idea were filming me (if they were). Its completely destroyed my trust in anyone to the point where I have isolated myself from any constant beyond my immediate family. After a couple of relationships that came up out of the blue ended up being recruits of theirs, sent for the soul purpose of getting close to me - to then reveal themselves as yet another tormentor - Im at a loss. I've had my car vandalized but now because I was involved with someone with bad intentions who had access to my devices, there seems to be software running on my phone that affords some level of monitoring/spying & I really just need help. I feel like I sound crazy & I also feel like that's something else that was counted on. Can anyone offer help/resources for me? Thank you in advance.
Hi there,
You can email our support advisors at [email protected] for one to one support and advice, or for immediate help you can use the Cybersmile Assistant. To open the assistant, just click on the blue Cybersmile icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
You can also advice in our Help Center here - www.cybersmile.org/advice-help.
My advice would be to overhaul the security/safety and privacy settings on all your apps and social media. A lot of apps use location tracking which may be active without your knowing, so do check. You could also get your devices checked out at most phone stores.
I think you did the right thing by standing up to this group and it's awful that you are being targeted. Block, delete, report and move on from this group entirely. David85 is right about checking your social profiles etc, to make sure you are not giving away any personal info. I would also give some thought to contacting the police to report the vandalism to your car.