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I choose

Ichoose to write this down with no fear
I choose to forget whats already gone down from here
I choose to forgive u for me
I choose to not to be called a drama queen
I choose to believe in my beliefs and not be ridiculed
I choose to not be looked down on for not seeing your morals
I choose not be called a child for walking away
I choose not to endure sexual images inside my brain
I choose to give my body to my husband on our wedding day
I choose to give my life to god and respect my elders in anyway
I choose not to fight with u any longer
I choose to move on with my life because its longer
I choose not to go down as a sheep but a girl on fire
I choose this as my final goodbye no fears and tears im cryin
I am a cyber smiler

Singingbird, your poem was amazing. It spoke to me.
I can feel the emotion in your words