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How to stop cyberbullying?

What can we do to stop Cyberbullying? Or reduce the amount of cyberbullying? Some people think that parents should be stricter with their children and others think our youth should have lots of freedom and that concentrating on the relationship with the youth is more important. What are your thoughts on what needs to be done about online abuse? Also remember Cyberbullying affects adults too so it's not just about teens and parents. It's about finding a solution for all Internet users! Thanks in advance for your input...
hmm this a tough one, cause its the internet and people will still be rude and mean, even steal your account or worse, now how do we find a soulution? that is the hardest question cause companies can try their best, and people as well, but will it be enough?
and to be honest this is really a tough answer especially with today, with electronics and social media
That's a Great question Suzanne and not an easy one as Terky pointed out.

We probably can't eradicate cyberbullying completely but we can better educate both youth and adults on healthier ways to use the internet as well as support those going through it. Prevention and support are key. I can only imagine how hard it is for parents, it can be difficult to understand the how, when and why it happens. It's also easy to think sometimes a child may appear to be fine online and they really are struggling.

I think there is a lot of truth on both sides of the coin, where parent's want to be stricter (out of fear and concern of what is happening online) but also to nourish their individuality and freedom and allow them to have their own space to grow without having an adult hovering over them all the time.

So in saying that, that is what is so great about Cybersmile. If parents are concerned about how much they should be involved in their child's online activity, they can always reach out to a trained advisor 24/7 at [email protected] Furthermore, the site has tons of helpful tips and printable research they can go through.

The help Center here at Cybersmile, is FANTASTIC for youth and adults alike. If you haven't already visited, here is the link: www.cybersmile.org/advice-help
As you can see on the sidebar, they can click on either a cyberbullying term they want more info on or go directly to information for pre-teens, teenagers or parents. It's a phenomenal resource that can help empower the user to better navigate the internet safely.

Even just suggesting this site and the forum to young people is a great way of validating their autonomy yet encouraging them to be safe online and to find a safe space where they can confide either on the forum or to a confidential advisor. The same goes for adults. As you mentioned, cyberbullying most certainly does affects adults as well.

Another great resource is the educational pacts offered to teachers and other professionals working directly with young people. Knowledge is power, and the more we know, the better we can arm youth and young adults with the right tools they need to minimize cyberbullying, then all the better. You can visit that section under resources here: www.cybersmile.org/downloadable-resources

Lastly, another important section is on gaming. Which I also highly recommend looking through if you or a young person you know games a lot. Many parents have found this the most tricky as it's constantly evolving and growing. The Gaming Help Center is chalk full of information: www.cybersmile.org/advice-help/gaming

So I think to answer your question, it's really about utilizing the growing support that is out there to address and tackle cyberbullying like Cybersmile. Moreover, for it to constantly be an ongoing conversation that doesn't just look at the after effects of it, but also preventative as well. Boosting self worth and self esteem and learning how to block, report and seek support can really make a difference is minimizing cyberbullying.

What are other people's thoughts and suggestions to Suzanne's questions?