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How is everybody doing since latest terror act in Nice, France?

Just wanted to check in with our community here following last night's horrific events in Nice, France.
Not sure if anyone was personally affected, but always know that this is a safe forum where you can receive emotional support.
The world is a much different place than it was when I was growing up. My heart aches for all of you who are teenagers and young adults, because in my view, you have never really known the joy of a sense of safety. Terrorists have touched us on every continent except Antarctica, I think.
If you need a place to vent sadness, fear, anxiety -- or if you are being bullied on the Internet for your religion, nationality, skin color, etc., please know there are good people who do care.
Let's all band together and be the change in the world for good, kindness and light to others today.
Agree. Peace and love - ALWAYS!
Sad to hear, difficult to comprehend that someone can hate so much (with no-good reason at all, in my opinion) as to deliberately cause such harm.
ya im ok, it kind of hard getting distracted when all you see is bad news, its sad what happen in France

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Hi Terky2236,
I was distracted yesterday, too, and I actually woke up feeling very sad and uneasy, picturing what might have been happening in that crowd.
The way I broke out of it was to go do something for myself -- and I also spent about four hours scouring my house after that. And last night, my kiddo and I went to a play at a local opera house.
I am thinking that when we are overwhelmed with negative news and just feel sad about the world in general, it helps to do things that improve our own lives. Then we have energy and perspective to bring hope to the lives of others.
Thanks for responding to the thread! I hope you have a great weekend.
Thanks for such a great post And reminder Heidi that this is a safe space for everyone. It definitely has been an emotional time globally.

If anyone has been struggling with online abuse and would prefer confidential support you can also reach out to an advisor 24/7 at [email protected]