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How do I protect myself online?

I have been cyber bullied before and I got over it but it was not nice at all. I am still very nervous about being targeted for abuse online and want to know how I can protect myself from it happening again.
Hi Frank!

Well done for overcoming your experience of cyberbullying and we hope you're enjoying the online world much more these days! To protect yourself from cyberbullying, we firstly recommend that you check over your privacy settings to try and ensure that you are comfortable with how public your information is. Another tip to make you feel safer is to find out exactly how you would deal with a problem should it arise - check out our practical how to guides here: www.cybersmile.org/advice-help/category/social-networks

By being prepared to deal with cyberbullying incidents, we find a lot of people feel safer!

Hope this helps!
Never give your passwords to anyone and change the ones you've got regularly. Its easy to give away too much info sometimes so be careful what you are uploading that can be seen by the public, no real names or addresses!

One of the most important rules if you are being cyberbullied is don't retaliate. Cyberbullies do it for a reaction so if you don't acknowledge it, the bullies get no fun. I know it's sad but it's true!
I know it's really hard not to retaliate but you have to just shrug it off and they'll just get bored!
I agree with Jules, make sure you are careful what personal info you put into your profiles on social networking sites and forums.