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#Horror Movie

I wanted to ask if anybody has seen that there is a new movie coming out called #Horror? The plot is based around 6 or so 12 year old girls who are addicted/reliant on a social media platform and it ends in a night of complete carnage. I think it might be aimed at an audience older than 12 but it got me thinking.....could we be using mainstream media such as movies to educate people more effectively about the seriousness of cyberbullying and online safety and also, social media addiction.....is it a thing?!
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I would say I'm definitely addicted to social media. I think a film about these issues would be good as it means more people will be looking into it as a real life problem, especially if the plot is based on true events!
I have not seen or heard much about the movie but I think it is a very important subject that does need more focus/attention. I think social media addiction is indeed a real phenomenon that not many people are aware of. Kids are definitely reliant on it, and more worryingly, they seem to constantly need approval from others. I dont think this is healthy so it will be interesting to see how this movie handles this issue.
I've heard of this film. It's interesting that social media horror stories are making it to films now - anybody remember 'Smiley'? That was the first internet based horror I heard of, and then in the UK there was 'Cyber Bully' which starred Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones).....anyway back to the post!
Internet addiction definitely exists because when me and my friends are without wifi AND a signal for 4G we are all very different with each other, you can sense the desperation!
It's great that #Horror is covering this subject, if even one person watches the movie and takes something away from it then it's a good thing. Great post!
Interesting post. I just wanted to know if this movie will be on YouTube soon.