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Hi. so recently both me and my best friend who is 26 have been cyberbullied. we became best friends on a minecraft server and last night he quite because they where so mean to him. I am honestly afraid they will target me next. The people who bullied my friend have said mean and untrue things about me behind my back. It was a roleplay server that we were on. The bullying got so bad that he could not develope his charecters. I am scared and angry and I don't know what to do. I can't leave the server for three months because I paid for premium and I don't want to waste my mother's money. I am scared and I have no one to turn to other than my friend. I don't know what to do.
Hey there, i know the problems you're going through but i need to ask a few questions about your situation before i can give a proper awnser

So first off, i would like to know if the people who are bullying you and your friend are admins/moderators or are the owner of the server you play on

Secondly, i would like you to tell me the name of the minecraft server you play on if you don't mind me asking

But from your current situation the most advise i can give is saying that if you can, report these players to someone who can ban them, play on a different server (Even if it does mean leaving your premium behind! sorry but these things happen :( )
If you want a good roleplaying server that i played on its called Wynncraft. You should try it out sometime. I look forward to your response :)

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It was not the staff on the server that was bullying us. only one of the staff said something mean and that was because the true story was influenced by lies. the staff know and my friend is also friends with the owner. thanks for the advice though.
Minecraft servers are all very different and some are moderated well while others are not. Some allow griefing (stealing your stuff and generally being nasty) which is not cool but unless the admin/moderators are willing to do something about it you will have no choice but to either deal with it (blocking chat etc) or find a server that is run responsibly. Try reporting this issue to the server admin team and see what response you get. If they don't help then you are on a badly run server and better off finding a decent one that actually looks after players. Hope this helps. :)