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During the ages of 11-14 I was being bullied online. Mostly on MSN. Yes I know... Its very old, but it did use to be popular lol:).. Anyway, there was two people, he use to send me nasty messages, call me names, and make me feel very vunrable. I never told anyone at first, I thought it was my fault, like I caused it. Looking back now I know I didn't. Due to me not telling anyone, it was making my school life, and home very difficult. I got angry, kicked off at people, skipped so many classes. Thinking I wasn't 'normal'. My friend realised something wasn't right , I shown her some of the messages I was getting. My friend got me too speak to my geography teacher. I was terrified. In the end it got sorted , I had so much support from school and other agencies. It took me a while to get my trust in people back and to get myself back on my feet. I got here in the end. Some of you may remember the sites BB and MF, they did a lot to help me.

II'm very thankful for this new site. Love it already. #posotivity as cybersmile would say. . <3

Heather x
:) very brave to share your story heather and it's great to see how you got back to your feet again after what must have been a very hard time. Indeed bb and mf helped many young people and the work cybersmile is doing is very positive and making a difference in a variety of positive ways
Thanks for sharing Heather and it's great to have you on here : )
Heather, I'm so sorry you had to go through that, it's great to know that it got sorted, I've been through something similar myself, it's horrible! Keep up the #positivity
Hey Heather, it's so great that you shared your story and showed how a positive ending can happen if you let someone know and don't keep things bottled up which leads you to feeling so many things such as guilt and blame. This is why I really love what The Cybersmile Organisation is about because it really is all about keeping yourself protected and safe online with a great amount of support and stories off people who have been through the trauma of cyberbullying but didn't give up and came out the other side, the positive side as we Cybersmilers like to say. Glad to have you on here =) #Positivity