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Help with Bullying

My daughter is being bullied at school. This weekend 6 girls sent her a picture...they were all sticking up their middle fingers and it read “when the whole squad hates the same bitch”.

The person who took the picture (without the title of course) was a mother of one of the girls. Since she is an adult helping to bully a 12 year old girl is there anything legally I can do?
Hi Rachel,

Go to the school and ask what liaisons they have with child protection services and the police. Tell them you are going to report this as potential child abuse and want the complete support and cooperation of the school.

There also may be parent/teacher groups that you can talk to about cyberbullying and online abuse.

I hope this is useful Rachel.
You would have to talk to the police about the legal aspects. Also, from a child protection point of view, I would have thought that social services could be an option for advice and support?

One of my first points of call would be the school. Bullying is a massive issue and the school should have procedures in place to intervene, even if it is on social media 'outside' of school time.