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Hello cybersmile community and gamers alike

greeting cybersmile community and gamers, the name is terky or terk whatever you like.

about me:

well started gaming very young, started with a nintendo then to xbox, still working on my way to get a ps4 and a good pc for the time being, im a avid gamer, I do rage at times, I do swear if im having a bad time, and yes i have lashed out my teammates, but i have apologize many times for my attitude just give me a few days to cool off and then ill apologize.

My goal:

in my adventures in gaming, i know that there are people who are scared meeting new people especially in gaming and fitting in is hard especially in the multiplayer world, what i want to do is to help you. Both male and female, show you the fun side, show you that there is someone out there who can lend a hand in gaming both co-op or multiplayer, or better if you need someone to talk too. once you get to know me a bit more then you will understand what gaming has shown me and what can you do about it.

My strength and weakness:


1. Im not a pro gamer, but i do have the experience in gaming
2. Im always online, except when there is nothing to play or im not feeling like playing.
3. I can try to patient just give me time.
4. I make up funny stories just for a laugh


1. I can be a bit hard on myself so dont worry
2. I tend to swear too much sorry im trying to cut it
3. if i lash out on someone i will apologize, I dont care how long it takes i will apologize for my action
4. If i offend or creep someone out tell me, i will calm down.

thank you and i will post more about my experience in gaming and how to react in case something happens, but i will try my best to give cybersmile a new friend to play with and feel comfortable in the gaming world, thank you.
Hi Terky! Welcome to our community, we are looking forward to getting know you. We are still building the community so please do ask as many questions as you like and equally answer as many as you like too! We're all good people here so you can feel at ease a be yourself.

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yep thank you for having me, there might be a repost soon cause im still learning so i apologize will be the same intro just shorter, i will try my best to help this community understand gaming, and write experience and help out as i can
Great to have you on board Terky, thanks for your intro and welcome to the community! We are looking forward to hearing about some of your experiences and insights onto gaming.

Hi Terky! Great to have you in our community. It's amazing to have someone with so much knowledge about gaming as part of us! Looking forward to working together in here.

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thank you and yes, ill try my best in whatever gaming knowledge i know and with help also thank you