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Have you been cyberbullied while at school?

As many of you know, every school has it's own rules about devices being used during school hours. But regardless of policy, cell phones and tablets are being used in class or on campus. As a result, bullying has the ability to be transmitted 24/7.

Have you been harassed via social media or apps while on school grounds byother students and if so, what sort of resources does your school or university have in place to deal with it?

Do you feel your teachers and tutors understand how serious cyber bullying is? Remember that Cybersmile has a great resource section. So you can share it with your teachers and other school officials!

Cyberbullying is really bad at my college, pretty much all the time everybody is sharing videos or explicit content about other students. I think it's really difficult to stop children and young adults from having smartphones and access to the internet while at school. I think the best chance we have of reducing incidents of cyberbullying at school is to spend more time educating people how much damage this behaviour can cause. I've seen people's whole education end because a video of them has been shared around the students, it's so sad : (
My children have been cyberbullied at school and also out of school but by children who they go to school with. The fact that this material exists indefinitely and has such a huge and immediate reach is a recipe for disaster. We are going to see so many potential careers ruined by the sharing and promoting of people's mistakes and bad behaviour. School's don't seem to be willing to take responsibility for cyberbullying so I can't see the problem being solved any time soon!