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Hi guys! This is my first time posting here and I was hoping to get some advice on how to handle that. So as you know schools are closed (at least here) and we’ve been doing online school. Its my first year in college so I dont know a lot of people. We had a group project for the semester and we were put in random teams. Long story short we ended up creating a group chat to organise meetings and so on. Idk what I did but they seem to think im a weirdo and created a 2nd group chat, which im not a part of. In this group they make fun of me all the time, they found my facebook profile and share my old pictures/posts. I dont feet confortable talking to my professor about the situation because of how embarrassing it is. Ive tried talking to my teammates but they deny having a secret group chat even though I have screenshots to prove it. Did any of you go through this? If so do u have any idea on how I should go about this? Thank you

Hi Camille,
I think the best thing you can do is talk to student services or the college admin team about this. Every place of education has a duty to help students that encounter bullying and have procedures for dealing with issues. I know someone who went through this and talked to her appointed student rep who took it further. You may have this option or go straight to student services, but you should talk to someone about this. Stay strong and good luck. We are always here for you, or you can get in touch with the cybersmile advisors by emailing [email protected] xx
Hi Camille, I agree with Jules about talking to someone in student services/welfare or a student leader/group rep about this. People talking about other people goes on all the time and it is difficult to stop this but when it is done online in small groups it can lead to group bullying so it would be wise to take it further. Hope you get this sorted out.