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Getting left out?

My friend promised to hang out with me yesterday but then she just left me for other friends of hers and it wasnt very nice what should i do bout it anyone could (anwser this is something like this happend to you!)
This happened to me a lot of times. That's not really nice, I know how it feels.
You guys have us, and if you use twitter you can search #ImACybersmiler and find people all around the world that are lovely!

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But that takes too much energy and i have school now and it SUCKS even gym thats how bad it is even math..
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Hi Kitty,
That's no fun, and I think all of us have been there. It can happen to all of us, even long after we're teenagers. :-(
The one thing I wish someone had told me when I was younger is this:
As long as you enjoy spending time with YOURSELF, then you always will be able to enjoy life, no matter if other people let you down. Your friend isn't being a very good friend, but this also gives you an opportunity to explore some things on your own that make YOU happy. Sometimes when someone cancels on me at the last minute, and I find something to do that I really want to do, I'm actually glad that I didn't waste the evening with them instead! So it can be a blessing in disguise.
In cases where you (legitimately) feel blue after someone lets you down, don't kick yourself for feeling sad. Go ahead and be sad. Recognize that you have been disappointed. But at the same time, don't let it keep you down. Think about ways that you can befriend OTHER people -- people who won't treat you in this manner -- and then do those things. And if you are spending a night alone unexpectedly and are blue, then do something extra special that makes YOU happy. The next morning when you wake, seek out ways that you can help someone else have a great day.
These little practices take discipline and diligence, but if you start now, then when people do these things in the future, they won't rattle you as much. And you will learn how to be happy with the most important person -- yourself.
Hope this helps a little. XO
Sadly My online friends are the friends i Only have and they have beenther for me
Hey Kitty.

Sorry this happened to you. It's always said when people go on without you when you think your friends, are, well, your friends... Sometimes it's worth mentioning that you felt let down, and if it's possible to join next time, although I know this isn't always a possible approach.

I agree with HEIDILYNNRUSSELL that finding things that you love to do is a good way to pass the time, and have something on hand whenever plans don't go quite right.

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Haha thank you Jo and ive tried but she doesnt really cae so i try to ignore her as much as possable