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getting hate in school

People hate on me in school for being diffrent wearing a ton of black outfits and dying my hair and all that but I get pushed around hit around pushed and everything and lately ive been skipping school so i dont have to deal with it ive tried telling the principle and everything but it just gets worse everytime i try to cause someone notices.
This sounds like the school are really letting you down by not supporting you or taking action against the bullies. Are your parents aware of the problem? Or are there any student services available to you? If not, then you may have to consider schooling at home to ensure your education is not affected until matters can be addressed properly. Also, you should be able to talk confidentially with school staff about this. If this is not happening then you should talk to the local education authority or contact the school board with your concerns. It would be good if you are supported in this by a parent or responsible adult.
Hi Nessa. :)

I agree with Jules. You should be able to talk about this without worrying about other students finding out, that's just no right. Skipping school because you fear for your safety is a serious problem that should be addressed. You could try and talk to the school about continuing your studies at home if they are unable to resolve the situation. Bullies can't be allowed to rob you of a good education.
Hello Nessa!
I personally agree with both previous comments. Another option is transferring to a different school if you do not want to be homeschooled. Is there another school in the area?