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Fandom Cyberbullying

Hi my name is Ben, I'm a 14 year old boy who just happens to be a Harmonizer.

On October 12th a certain fandom started spreading hate throughout my twitter page calling me out for "using" a picture from their music groups tour.

In no way was this the case, yet I was continued to be targeted by individuals from that fandom. This is my story about how I shut down the cyber bullying on my page, and in other people's life.

When the tweets first came in I was devastated, a large number of tweets were coming out from various sources mocking me and basically calling me an idiot for the picture that I posted on my twitter dashboard. The other fandom kept coming in with screenshots and pictures and videos of their fandom leaders laughing and making rude faces.

So what I did was I removed myself from the situation by blocking and deleting rude tweets targeted towards me and I tried calling and texting my friends for help and support.

So that's a shorter version of my story and I really hope that everyone here notices that they are not alone and I and many other people have gone through the process of cyber bullying too and that we are here to help you!
-don't give up, live with strength dignity and don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in
I love the way you have dealt with this. Taking yourself out of the situation, blocking and deleting negativity, simple. I wish more people would take your stance and break away from the haters instead of trying to defend or justify them selves. I will be keeping this post to pass onto anyone I know who gets targeted by these types of mob haters. Well done Ben, you're a true cybersmiler!!
Great post Ben. This is a great example of staying positive and taking control of your own online space. Twitter fan groups can be problematic as some fans seem to assume some kind of ownership of the celebs they follow and make judgements on other followers. Making a target of another fan and then encouraging other fans to join in disrespecting them is not what fandoms are supposed to be about so you have done the right thing. :))

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Thanks Adam that was very nice to hear

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Thank you so much Cyberninja this is my first post I'm glad that it was able to help/you enjoyed it
Bravo Ben!
Sorry it had to happen. However, glad you remembered that you are a decent person who deserves to be treated better and handled a very nasty and unjust situation like a pro :)
Stay amazing,


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Thank you so much Aileen <3
Ben! I am just now seeing your post!


That's exactly the way to shut it down. You seem like you have a great head on your shoulders. Thank you for sharing your experience here -- we need teenagers like you to lead the way so that others can see these situations can be handled.

I also love it that you have a strong sense of self-confidence. Other people would have crumbled, but you stood strong.