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False accusation

I think like 4 months ago. I wrote here about my bad experience with one online writing website. When I last week tried to pick up some of my writing from this website. That person who bullied me create another account where he claimed i am plagiator and call me very bad names. All his accusations are baseless he call me plagiator but he don't give any proof of it. I never use my real full name but i still feel it's quite disturbing. How I said before admins and moderators don't care and so many other people on this website had same experience like a me. My question is which steps i should take to end this false accusations . Thank you very much.
If the admin and mods won't do anything you are best off leaving this site for good and using one that is run properly. Honestly, you are not going to stop people from making false accusations or spreading false info, it's what trolls do. Best to leave it where it is and move on.