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Even apologize but the drama still continue.

Hi everyone.
I was been online bully one of the Facebook community just because I write hurting post. I already been apologize to them and tell them what I feel about it and still believe this community can helping each other.
But one of unknown peoples repost and say I am "entitled bitch" and the post is go wild. There is a lot of comment but I never read it. I know is hurtful but my online friend say just ignore them. My online friend suggest me that take a break and wait until back to normal. Everything will calm down in after few days.
And also just because I was in the particular WhatsApp group, he say he was do right thing to make this drama go wild and he have right to lecture people by using repost. He also got a lot of supported to support him by comment harassment sentence in the comments. I saw everything but I didn't voice up. Is truly hurt even though I already admit my mistake and apologies to the community but still they keep spreading like the wild.
Some of them including know is me, but they didn't mention my name in the community. But some of them who don't know is me, so they keep guessing.
What should I do now? If i voice it out, everyone will target me anyway. If I don't, everyone keep spreading the rumors and never endless one.
Hi Starling,

Stay strong, and stay away from this group. Really, the best thing to do is to take yourself out of the equation and let it go.
Most of these 'communities' have a real problem with this sort of behaviour but struggle to control it. If they ban someone, a new account is created or others may continue. What they tend to do is steer people to 'user tools' to help people block or mute abusive players rather than try to stop the abuse. If you are targeted, the best way is to sever all contact with the community and move on, or use the tools to filter out bullies and ignore them. Do not engage. Don't feed the trolls.