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Employment sabotage

I was targeted by a group of adults I worked with. They Intentionally formed a mob of people I don’t know to ban future employment. It’s done through recruiters software, word of mouth, fear, etc. I’ve seen it all.put a block on future employment in the US and UK.
There is some information on the site about reputation management that may help -

Here are some good tips taken from a blog post that you may find useful too.

Even though there is little that can be done to prevent someone from saying whatever they want about you online regardless of the truth, the following steps can help you build a positive online presence that will render any revenge sites irrelevant to search results:
• Own your name online – Develop personal websites and/or a blog by registering a domain in your name such as firstnamelastname.com, and using it to highlight who you are. Start a blog and post about anything! Then let SEO work its magic.
• Get social – Create profiles and post on the “big 3” social media platforms, and any others you’re comfortable with.
• Guest blog – Seek out guest blogging opportunities to get your name on reputable websites.
• Let others talk about all the good you’ve done – Collect reviews and testimonials and post them to your website, blog, and social media profiles.
• Do not defend yourself – You didn’t do anything wrong here. Don’t comment on the negative posts. Do not reach out to the person who did it. End all communication. Forever.
• Don’t just survive harassment, PREVAIL – Character is revealed every day through small actions and decisions. The people who matter aren’t swayed by trash talk. Keep being true to yourself and your character will speak for itself.

Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.