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Do you trust Facebook?

I don't trust Facebook anymore. We all know that they sell all our data but more than that I've got concerns about them putting revenue before users and I can sense it more than ever before. Has anybody seen the Facebook adverts on TV? It creeps me out, it feels like I'm watching the baddie corporation in a movie! Obviously I have the choice to not go on there but I'm worried for people I care about and humanity because they have so much power and influence I don't think they are even worried about Governments anymore.
It's my understanding that an ex Facebook board member is now the UK's Minister for internet safety and security lol! Good luck then if you want to see any change, I hope we don't see self governing quango's popping up to 'regulate' Facebook who are wheeled out for 'criticism' albeit 'soft' criticism when things get tough! I've got my eye on this stuff so will feed back with developments....
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I think they have too much of your info! It scares me!
I think that people on Facebook a risk when you publish their private information, photos .... I have Facebook, but almost do not use it, I do not trust Facebook..
Like everything else in life, Facebook has to be handled with moderation and care.

I have less of a problem with advertisers knowing my interests than I do with people who troll feeds, looking to pick apart others based on their political or religious positions. I think that is more of a danger than a "Big Brother" overseeing the posts.

Unless ISIS takes over the world, I am not worried about the Big Brother angle of it. I just know that if I use Facebook, my information and interests will become "known," and I'm okay with that. I guess it's whatever makes you comfortable.

I treat my social media sites as three "categories."

Twitter = An open city street, where the world is mingling. You choose the strangers with whom to interact.

LinkedIn = A Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Your connections there are purely for business networking and recommendations. I don't just approve anyone on that network. I have to know they are ethically minded, or I have to know them personally, or no dice.

and Facebook = Inner-circle friends and family. In the past two days, I have turned down 2 requests from strangers who want to be my "friend." No. That's for Twitter. This allows me to wall off all of my settings, decide which posts will be made public, decide which posts are for only family, decide which posts are only for Democrats ... you get the idea. But I have a lot of control with Facebook.

As for Tumblr ... it's like Twitter on steroids, and I see it like a live grenade. That's where I see most cyberbullying taking place.

Anyway, I wouldn't be concerned about Facebook unless you really believe that a sinister Big Brother is monitoring everybody. I don't. I just think it's capitalism taking advantage of a great marketing opportunity. And as for the people who want to connect with me, they don't unless I vet them thoroughly or know them extremely well.
I definitely have to agree. I don't trust it anymore either. I have removed all my photos and only use it to keep in touch with friends from high school. I have every single privacy option on and I don't have my full name on there. Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. Privacy is so important. Always try and breath and think before sending a post or update!
we can restrict access to our profiles on Facebook, but others can take a picture of us and mark us without us knowing about it. When I see those pictures on Twitter there young people give, I get mixed feelings. They do not realize that by giving an opportunity to various bad actions...
Delicate photos can be a cause of cyberbullying,do not publish on website photos of your children,You can easily get people from all over the world.The images of naked children may get time for other children and for them its peer bullying.It could be a stimulus for cyberbullying

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I had a psuedo name on facebook but some tool reported me for having a fake name and FB then forced me to send them documentation to prove its me... WTG FB policies there.