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Do adults online get bullied

I am realizing its mostly teens like me but i want to know if adults too get it
Hi Koda, it seems that everyone is or can be bullied online. As our lives become more reliant on technology and we spend more time on the Internet, the easier it is for people to have the opportunity to be horrible to other people online. It's sad but I think abuse and harassment on the Internet is just getting worse and worse for young people and old people. I hope this is helpful.
Its not just a problem for kids, thats for sure. A lot of adults have serious problems with bullies and trolls online. This can become damaging when adults have their families, businesses and professional careers ruined by this sort of thing.

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Thats right Jules, we get a lot of adults coming to our site for help. Just have a look at the forum, you will see lots of adults here trying to help others and asking questions. It really does affect all ages.
Hi Koda,
I believe we all can get bullied online, no matter the age, sex or social status. For a bullier, it is of course easier to pick on a teenager, because teens are more vulnerable. Adults grew up without the internet and I think therefore we can put things more into perspective. There is bullying between adults too. The best rule is to ignore, and it they continu, block. That is important no matter how old you are. Hope this anwers your questions and helps you a bit. xx
Yes in lots of places I gave up giving out my age in online games due to idjuts running around screaming pedo because I am over 20 and play games like many other adults do. In Star Wars Old Republic there was a guild for over 50's as they not unlike me were sick of fricking idjut kids.
Hullo Koda!
Unfortunately grownups bully too! One likes to think that age makes you smarter but that is alas not always so. Some grownups have to deal with bullies on a daily basis for instance from their coworkers!? Many companies have their own online programs for quick messaging (supposedly to effectively contact a coworker about work) it can be mistreated by bullies, and of course facebook, twitter, snap chat and other sites are used to bully. Our social media world gives the opportunity for people to even anonymously write the most horrid and vile things to each-other and so far there are very few online bullies who have to deal with the consequences of their behavior.
There is never an excuse to behave in such an ugly way no matter what age and one would believe an adult to have better judgement than to bully someone.
Unfortunately some people make themselves feel better/bigger/more important (in a very cheap and inefficient way) by being naive, narrow minded and attack others.
All the rest of us can do is show that we don't stand for such behavior. To speak up and (if needs be) tell them to stop.
Stay amazing,

(Don't hesitate to write if you have more questions.)

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Welcome to the community Aileen and thank you for your contribution! We look forward to reading your topics and comments. Feel free to contribute as much or as little as you like!
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