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Dear parents of gamers, Paladins

Sorry for any copyright Sheepsies, but I had to title this way :P

Okay so the topic is: Paladins. Paladins is a game that is very alike with Overwatch, but it is totally free to play (you don't even have to buy it). It's just like Overwatch, a first person shooter game where the key is teamwork, but it has fantasy theme (fantasy characters, places and of course magic).

Since it's free it means everyone can afford it, and it has a wide community which some of the players can be a bit toxic. However it has a party system, which means you can invite your friends to form a team of 5 people and play together with them.

I like this game so much and it's very fun to play. Since teamwork is key, that makes it more fun. I play with online real players (even real friends). So all you got to do here is to form a team of 5 people, some choose to be tank (the ones who protect and shield teammates), some choose damage (the ones to deal more damage), some choose flank (the ones that can move fast and kill the 'worst enemy'), and support (the ones who heal teammates).
This game has friend system, but you can also mute/block/report other players that behave bad. I might have encountered some bullying on it, but it's quite rare, and mostly happens on competitive games instead.

What parents should know?

- it's an online game, so you can't pause it
- you can communicate even through microphone only with party teammates
- the game had classic mode, payload mode, onslaught mode, and competitive mode and their game length varies
- bullying others will result to be banned for sure
- the Hi-Rez studio (creators of paladins) are very responsive and reply emails withing 24 hours

if you have more questions feel free to ask :)
That sounds like a great place to enjoy gaming. I like the idea of the party system. Thanks Wanesite!