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Cybersmile gaming; women in gaming and overall feelings

Hello cybersmile gaming and community, I've cover this topic before but looks like there was controversy a while ago, between a female pro gamer and other male pro gamers and why it made me angry.

A while ago a Korean girl shocked the world with her accuracy on a game called Overwatch (Xbox, ps4 and pc) her accuracy was dead on, especially with a hard character, so like always people weren't sure if she hacking or cheating, to make the matter worse a couple of Korean Esports players were mad at her cause they felt like she was cheating.

Blizzard the company behind overwatch step in and said she wasn't cheating, she was actually good with her aim, but to prove herself she did a small tournament to clear her name and to show the world that she wasn't cheating, well she proved everyone wrong and was really good.

So you think that this story ends in a happy note, not really, the Korean players were so mad that they quit competitive and also threw death threats at her, I felt so pissed off, like why would you do that? Later the Korean players apologized, but yet I felt like they should of done more and step up and be a man, like yes I've gotten my butt kicked by a girl but I don't go that far, I just say good game.

But why? see in Korean Esports is more male dominant, that women don't seem as a threat and should be doing woman duty (clean, cooking and so on) that women in gaming in Korean seems like a insult, and still hard by this day, usually in Esports is more male dominant than women, and that there are women Esports, but for me I would like to see a co - ed Esports and not gender base.

But why? As I said before women in gaming have to work 100x harder than us male, especially in gaming, cause they want to prove the world that they can game no matter what they tell them, but yet is hard, gaming should be about everyone working together and not about gender, race, or anything.

As the community grows, I will see people get bullied in gaming, like is it enough? People want a escape and not get hurt or talk down, as I am still waiting on a confirmation from cybersmile into creating a gaming community, I just want to say something.

doesn't matter if you are male or female, doesn't matter what race you are, doesn't matter what you like, you are a gamer, a gamer that will play no matter what, a gamer that has stories to share, a gamer that enjoy gaming no matter what, you are a gamer.

thank you and this week I few topics I will cover,

terky out.
Hi Terky. Nice to see something about female gamers, they get a rough ride. I would say that attitudes to women in Korea are 'traditional', ie, 'what the hell are you doing out of the kitchen' sort of thing. It would be nice to see some kind of players/games campaign in Korea to counter this attitude, it spoils the whole experience if you are being trashed for being a woman. If E-sports wants to get serious, attract more players and increase the audience then it needs to get rid all the woman hating crap that is allowed. Rant over. Nice post Terky.

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its ok to rant i understand, like i believe Esports can be equal instead of being separated, its tough like i dont know too many Esports players that are women, just male esports players, i would love to see it a mix and be one, instead of seperate
What a great thread and topic. Thanks for posting and for the food for thought.
Female gamer here. I'm fortunate to live in the US, so it isn't quite as bad here. Gaming is an activity that I share with my husband, and there's been a lot of positive feedback - a lot of guys would love if their SO would try gaming.
Here's the thing: I work, I keep my home up, cook, and game (among other things). There's a lot to me as a person. That's what I'm hoping will happen for professional and nonprofessional gamers - that we'll be able to see each other not as avatars, but as complex, multi-dimensional characters.
It's easy to say the view of women is the reason behind inequality, but there is also a staggering amount of pressure to be "manly." As long as that pressure remains, "you got beat by a girl!" will remain a "valid" put down.

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VeggieBunnie makes some great points on this, and I like her insight about the importance of maintaining a multi-faceted life.
As long as gaming isn't the total focus of your life and you have other things to maintain balance and harmony, you can also maintain a healthy attitude towards cyberbullying.
When you have other things going on in life, you build self-confidence. Your life is richer with other experiences. And if someone comes after you with negativity on a gaming platform or on social media, you can absorb it with positivity and not internalize the pain they want to inflict on you.