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Cybersmile gaming topic: what does it mean to be a gamer?

hello everyone another topic, but wanted to do a positive topic, what does it mean to be a gamer?

- for me to be a gamer is: to enjoy my video games, share crazy stories that has happen to me over the years, to share my experience both good and bad, from my crazy comeback stories, to my rage incident, for me to be a gamer is the enjoyment the thrill of what will happen next and the time as well.

- for me to be a gamer is: meeting new people daily, meeting friends that ive meet over the years and hopefully one day we meet in person, also meeting new people as well, might be nerves since you dont know the person and you dont know how they deal with jokes and what not, but once you are comfortable with the person then you can blast away, also meeting new pvp (player vs player) buddies or pve (player vs environment) buddies or raid buddies, the possibility are endless, sure some friends come and go, but those memories will be the best memories you have will ever had.

- for me to be a gamer is: to help, sometimes in gaming you will need help, and sometimes it can be scary especially since you dont know no one or are afraid that you might be called a noob or worse, im just telling you that its ok, i was once scared once, but i learned from youtube or other gaming sources, i wish i could help everyone, its hard for me cause of balance: cause i also want to play other games and train in gaming, but just remember there is help, you just need to break out of the comfort zone.

- for me to be a gamer is: well the memories, the friendship, the hours of game time, the help, i think being a gamer is a lot more, you will have your good days and bad days, you will have funny moments and serious moments, thats what makes gaming great a escape, a bond like no other and there will be more memories.

- As cybersmile grows and starts to see new faces, i hope that gaming section grows too, cause i want to be there and help out fellow gamers and share funny stories and make good friendship as well, well there is always 2017 to look forward too.

terky out