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Cybersmile gaming: topic twitch.tv

hello cybersmile community and cybersmile gaming terky back again,

So was reading thru the forum found twitch forum but wanted to explain more on see if it helps.


* What is it?
* Mods, Viewers and Streamers
* Things to be aware of
* Purpose
* What you need?

let's begin,

* What is twitch? Well twitch is a streaming site where people stream their games, stream their artwork, cooking and other things as well, but twitch mainly use for streaming games and to view Esports.

* Mods, Viewers and Streamer:

-lets begin with the streamer, this the person you are viewing, he or she can talk about anything you want, the person can be funny, the person can be serious or the person can be a pro esport player.

-mods: there like the captains of the team, while the streamer is the general, mods are like the backbone of the stream, they check on viewers to see who is naughty, they help with the streamer with information, gamer tag, and talk with the audience.

-viewer: viewer are me and you, who likes this person and want to be part of his or her world, and enjoying a good talk or too.

* Things to be aware of: when you start streaming here is a tip, there are millions of streamers like me and you that want our dream to be realized and make it to a full time job, but you need to be careful.

1. IMPORTANT: try it out for a year and see how it goes, if you think you can do this forever then go for it, but at least try it for a year.

2. IMPORTANT: when you begin be prepare to get less viewers, its hard and sad but you have to keep pushing thru, the big streamers said when they started they had less viewers and then when they kept streaming their numbers grew.

3. IMPORTANT: be yourself, say to yourself? what games I'm good at and what can I do that makes me different from the rest.

4. IMPORTANT: make a stream schedule, remember the viewers I said, well if you want to keep viewership up, make a schedule, make a twitter, then people will know just remember it will take time, don't be scared.

5. IMPORTANT: Trolls, rude people, etc. Believe me when you stream you will encounter this most of the time, lucky for you, you are the boss of the channel so you can ban people or kicked them out, remember again you are the boss.

6. IMPORTANT: camera or no camera, this one is up to you. cause some of the best streamers use camera, other don't its your choice.

7. VERY IMPORTANT: interact with your viewers, especially as the channel grows, be cool to your viewers and say hello to them, cause without them, then the channel wouldn't grow as big.

* Purpose: well for many streamer, it's a good way to get notice and chase their dream, other see it as a escape, other want to make friendship, everyone has a purpose on why they stream, you just got to chase it and be patient, it won't be easy, but once you get the hang of it and grow your channel, believe me you will be rewarded.

* What you need: well to begin streaming you need a few things and items,

1. Lucky for you Xbox and PS4 have twitch integrated with it, all you need is a mic or chat, it gets annoying at times, but hey it's a good start.

2. Elgato capture cards are perfect for streamers, cause they can stream both pc games and console games, prices vary, but hey lots of streamer use it for videos as well.

3. Mic quality: there are videos explaining good quality mic, just go to YouTube if you have any info.

4. PC, phone or second screen: if you want to see chat or see your own stream, a pc, phone or second screen helps, cause you can see chat and manage it without the hastle of a one screen.

5. Stream software, they are good streaming software to use, some paid other are for free, it's your choice.

well that's the topic of today, Friday ill talk about fun/competitive, then on Saturday and Sunday other topics, if you want me to talk about more gaming and ideas tell me, cause pretty soon ill be running out of ideas but I'll try to keep you posted,

thank you cybersmile gaming terky out.