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Cybersmile gaming: topic toxic players, what can you do?

In gaming you will encounter these people, they are known as toxic players, they are a small group, but they can do serious damage to people who just want to play for fun, or to win.

topics include:

* What is toxic player?

* What has company done?

* What can you do?

* Why does it happen and are they winning?

let's start,

- What is a toxic player?

Well a toxic player is someone who will shout at you, who will curse at you, make fun of you, even call you names, they will anything in their power to make you stop gaming, and don't even care about your feelings, all they want to do is to destroy you and ruin the fun of gaming.

Don't get confused with anger, if you make one mistake, they will bash you calling you names and will tell you to uninstall the game cause of a simple mistake, toxic players make a small number, but they can cause major damage to people, that they won't even play the game.

- What has company done?

Well they have done some, one thing they have done is the report feature, the more the player gets reported, they will get hit with the ban hammer, the punishment can last a few days to forever, just remember cybersmile gamers there is a report system.

What can you do?

- Well if you do get hit with toxic player, there are a few things that might help,

1. Mute the player, so you will not hear them talk smack about you.

2. Report I mean this report the player that is abusing you, it might not be a lot, but with more reports, then that player will be banned.

3. Leave, once the match is complete, leave the game and take a breather, cause you if you continue the match, there might be a chance you will get the same negative player, so leave the game.

4. Don't let the haters get you down, all the toxic players want is to make you quit the game, it will be hard, but don't let them hurt you.

- Why does it happen and are they winning?

In my gaming, I have encounter toxic players, but why? no one knows, maybe they attention they get, maybe they believe that they are pro gamers and think I'm right and you are wrong mentality, no one really knows, but the reason why some are growing is the thanks of E sports, once a game gets popular they come in and attack, it's sad, but happen when a game gets popular.

Are they winning? It's hard to say, once you ban someone another one takes its place, company claim that they are winning, but it's still hard to say if this war will ever end? Cause gamers want to play to have fun and not someone who bullies them and makes them quit.

well guess that is all for now, Monday ill write more plus I will post a new topic tomorrow, thank you and keep on gaming, cybersmile gamers - terky out.
That pretty much sums up what is on offer for players, nice one Terkey. Some platforms are more responsive and deal with things from a 'common good' perspective others can be a bit subjective, that is the mods are players and can have their own issues!! Generally though I think that the companies are seeing toxic behaviour as a negative thing that they want to manage effectively without taking away the edge for players. Finding the line between banter, gamesmanship or sledging-(cricket term for psyching out opposing players with threats/abuse), is a huge challenge but I feel the majority of players and the whole gaming community will be better off without racial, sexist and violent abuse being targeted at players.
I would also like to see some perspective as well, that is to say, you can't expect people not to get carried away and loose it every now and then. All players, especially new ones need to know that some games are just hotbeds of adrenaline and emotion which is enjoyed by players who thrive on having the best gameplay and the best banter. Be prepared, you wouldn't go paint-balling and then complain that it stings!!
I don't see how toxic players can win. Each playing community has its own unique playing environment with the majority of players just there to game and have fun. There are examples of game communities working with companies to form community codes of conduct, tribunals, moderator panels etc and this seems to me the way forward. The communities define the boundaries and the company backs them up.

In reply to Cyberninja

ya believe me it has happen to me, i want to win, but there has been cases were i have yelled my teammates, but then i apologize, cause i dont want to end a friendship over something dumb

In reply to Adam

true, but site like twitch, i think they are winning, if you ever been to the LOL (league of legends) so many toxic players and they get paid for it, it makes me sick, but you do have a point about the community, they have banded together and try to stop toxic player from spreading