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Cybersmile gaming topic: the gaming community on xbox

Well once again another gaming topic here we go, so if you have noticed by now cybersmile posted a link about Microsoft and a new community managment on the Microsoft Xbox 1.

What is it? Well its sort of like small community or big community where moderators or fearless leaders, can make rules and play with people within your community and game with them in various of different games, think of it like a small club or a bigger club of gamers being together and joining as one, without the hassle of checking everyone schedule and see who is online.

Got me thinking? as the update hasn't been released yet, the only people who have it are preview members, sadly im not a preview member (short story invite took a few month) so i cannot say how am i enjoying it.

Got me thinking pt. 2? once the update is finally released, I may ask cybersmile again for permission to maybe create a cybersmile community on the Xbox, there we can invite people from the cybersmile community to talk and play with, without being bullied or harassed and enjoy gaming as it should be for fun.

this was a short topic, but later on this week or next week ill talk about community in gaming and why.

later cybersmile gaming and community terky out.
I'm a big gamer on the Xbox and I try to create communities within games where gamers can play safe in the knowledge they are free from cyber bullying. I can't stand it and if I see someone getting picked on in the lobbies and I am always the first there on the defence. I also have several friends who feel they can't trust others so I create private or screened lobbies in games where gamers can play and have fun. Gta 5 is a violent game but the races on the online lobby are fun and are pretty harmless so if someone wants to play and have a bit of fun we usually do that and jump from race to race and cut out the violent bits. And this is usually where I hang out but I have mine craft, most of the call of dutys and if someone really wants to play a game I don't have, I'll usually go out of my way to get it.

I try to accommodate for every friend and I always ask them to message me anytime if they want to play. If I'm off work, I jump online at the earliest chance. :)

So if you want to play and have a fun and you can put up with my crazy singing and jokes, then send me a pm to my Xbox username sarahthrel if you say you're from cyber smile I'll add you to the growing list.
Terky, what a cool idea.

My kiddo is on XBox 360 Kinnect. Is the forum only available on the XBox One?

If so, I may actually sell off his 360 and buy him a new XBox One system for Christmas so that he can be in a community launched by Cybersmile.

Cybersmile team ... would you guys ever do something like this? I would definitely be interested in having my kiddo link up with other Cybersmilers in this manner, FYI.

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i say wait for a bit longer, cause the update hasnt come out yet, but once it does im hoping for a cybermile team of gamers on the xbox 1, but there is a video on youtube explaining the update, just fine xbox one update, then find xbox update preview, so you can see what the clubs do.

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well since i added you on xbox, i do have a lot of games, i sort of retired cod, i do have GTA, but now i spend time on overwatch and destiny for the time being, but at least one day we can talk