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Cybersmile gaming: topic, terky prediction of E3 and announcement

So cybersmile gamers, next week the big even will happen E3, i will report my finding to you all, to see what is going on in the gaming universe, ive also posted a topic of what is E3, so here we go:

Microsoft: well rumor has it that Microsoft in announce a new slimmer version of the xbox one, but no one knows until next week, also what games will be released for this holiday season, and with a price cut of $300 for xbox one will there be another price cut?

Terky Microsoft Prediction:

1. scorpion is xbox one slim price maybe $300 or $250

2. Microsoft unveils a new VR (virtual reality) replaced kinect

3. Total games for this holiday: 5

4. Microsoft reveals a new company, and its a big company

5. unknown game?????

6. cross gen announcement

Sony: Sony has come out of nowhere, first by revealing that call of duty will be on the ps4 and all content comes first on sony, then sony ps4 sales has been #1, also with games from other company looks like sony might win again.

terky Sony Prediction:

1. Sony get another company from Microsoft and new content comes first

2. Sony new VR (virtual reality) debuts this holiday with a line up of new games

3. price drop on the ps4

4. Hidden gem appears, will it be crash bandicoot or parapa the rapper?

5. Cross gen

6. backwards compatible arrives

Nintendo: oh Nintendo you still have our my number 1 company, but lately nothing hasnt been good, please shock us.

terky Nintendo Prediction:

1. more Legend Of Zelda

2. New Mario game

3. New console announcement?

4. New game boy?

5. New game for the wii u please?

Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda, etc.: yes the big companies are out to play, but what can we expect, battlefield 1 comes out this year but what else? no new assassins creed till next year? and what about star wars?

terky prediction:

1. Ubisoft finally shows something new like a brand new game

2. EA well hopefully mass effect

3. Bethesda drops the ball and announced a big game

4. One game will steal the show

5. Teaser trailer of either star wars or assassins creed

well that is my prediction on saturday and sunday ill write more,

ANNOUNCEMENT: so im talking to cybersmile and wanted to give something to the cybersmile gaming, right now im just waiting on a response so i cant say too much, but thank you and hopefully it work.

terky out
Epic topic Terky, thanks for the contribution!
Nice one Terky. Iv'e heard rumours that Overwatch is going to be one to watch for future esports fans?? Your thoughts??

In reply to Jules92

im super excited for overwatch Esports, the game is fun, been playing a lot, so havent posted a lot too haha, but overwatch Esports will grow, and when rank game start in July we are going to se emore skilled teams and players, so ya im super excited to see overwatch Esports