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Cybersmile gaming: topic terky 2.0

well this article is more introduction of myself and how I found cybersmile.

How did I started gaming?

-Well started young like always, started with a super Nintendo, started with Super Mario then Star Fox and so on, lost my gaming charm until the Nintendo 64 came with Super Mario 64. Goldeneye, Star Fox and Pokémon.

-By then my family had PC, then started playing online games my first game was a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game called age of mythology, played my first online multiplayer game, as time went on with the Nintendo GameCube, then my first online console was the Xbox, started playing online, but my first experience wasn't great, I was talking a lot not muting my mic, plus I was young, till someone yelled at me and then I muted my mic.

-Ya it was wrong for the person to yelled at me, but more of a positive came out, once I became quiet I started learning more strategies and meet new people, as time grew I've meet more people online and they later became my friends.

How I found Cybersmile and Why I am doing this?

-I found cybersmile by accident, was checking my twitter and one of the people I follow, retweet cybersmile, that when I started checking out cybersmile, what interested me more about cybersmile was gaming and felt that they needed help understanding gaming and that people don't seem to have a safe place against bully, especially in gaming and people need help and understanding.

-So the question is why I am doing this? well I'll be honest I've never been bully before, but I have hurt people that I once cared for, and I don't want to happen again I've learn my lesson, I'm doing this to help the community in gaming, I want to help someone over come there fear, and give them advice, heck I want to be friends with you guys and to trust me.

What do I want in return?

-That is my million dollar question, and to be honest I don't know what I want, maybe a hand to help out, maybe a good friend to hear you out, maybe finally find my destiny, helping someone in gaming no matter what. I don't know only time will tell.

What has gaming taught me?

-Gaming has taught me things that I didn't know I had, one meeting new people, two helping out people, three it has helped me more as a support system on my bad days, four my dedication to gaming really has helped me understand, five cybersmile a site that helps people who get bullied and gaming abuse in gaming and need a safe place well I'll be there no matter what, six fun and the stories are what makes game great.

well guess that is all for me now, on Thursday day I will talk about gaming biggest super bowl E3, I hope this help you understand more about me and thank you,

later cybersmile gaming, terky out.

In reply to Mac

ya i mean im trying, still need to see more how i am doing and see how it goes from here but thank you

In reply to Mac

I second that! Thanks so much Terky for sharing your personal experience and we look forward to more posts from you!
Thank you Terky. This is what Cybersmile is all about. What you are contributing to the forum is personal experience and insight - and you can't buy that!!
The more personal accounts and opinions we have on the forum, the more people can learn and understand gaming better. Not just for the forum members, but also for the thousands that visit out site and come to the forum to see what other people are doing - and to learn.
You will be surprised how many people you have helped already. Now THAT is online positivity in action!!