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Cybersmile gaming topic: Stereotype

Well now that the Olympics are done back to talking about cybersmile gaming.

In gaming and much in the world you encounter stereotypes, in gaming we hear it all.

from: you play in your mother basement, you are virgin who will never get a GF or BF, loser, get a life and so on and so forth.

well in my encounter that is not true, in my gaming career ive meet people who: have jobs, go to school, are married or in a relationship and meet thru gaming, are not loser and are doing things that makes them happy.

In my adventures of gaming and in conventions ive meet people and friends, like friends that i sometimes i wish to visit them in the real world, its the connection, and the exictment finally you can share your passion with someone even if its a complete stranger.

ya there will be alwasy stereotype that will never change, but at least you need to remember the fun and positive side, the escape and the feeling of enjoyment you have when you or someone you know is into something you just need to brush it off and walk with your head up high.

You are not alone, do what you do that makes you fun, heck you can meet other people that share your passion like im doing, will you get strange looks? yes, but hey its your passion do what makes you happy.

terky out
Good post. The face of gaming is changing now so much and the old steryotypes of being stuck in the basement are wearing a bit thin. Seeing games like Overwatch getting mainstream TV advertising shows how gaming is attracting more players. You will always have a hardcore gamer profile, it takes a lot of gameplay to become a top player!

In reply to Cyberninja

oh ya the face of gaming has chance, it feels more accepted now than before, but still needs a bit more work, but right now its going on a good direction for now