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Cybersmile gaming topic: Pokemon go and safety precaution

Hello cybersmile community and cybersmile gaming, lets talk about the new phone addiction since angry birds first came.

Pokemon go is out on the US, Europe, Canada and soon all over the world, it is out on Iphone and Android, but what is pokemon go?

Pokemon go use AR base or Augmented Reality, on your phone camera and you can catch pokemon all over the world, it has been a dream of me and many other people to walk around and capture pokemon and be the best that now one ever was.

Even though the game is fun, I might as give you warning about the game since ive been playing it lately.

advice for people who are venturing out alone:

1. if you are going alone please watch your back, with theft going on with pokemon go, i advice new trainers to watch your back at all time.

2. Hold your phone like you just won the lottery, similar to the watch your back, hold that phone of yours no matter what.

3. watch your surrounding, news have been spread of accident with pokemon go with people getting hit by cars and people so watch out for your surrounding, we dont want anymore poke trainers injured.

4. go on places you seem comfortable, like mall, parks, downtown, etc, especially alone these places make you comfortable then go for it.

5. bring water and charger, if you are spending the whole day capturing pokemon remember to hydrate and bring a charger cause in pokemon go, they drain that battery very fast

Tips when going on a group

1. Be the leader or someone is the leader, why? the leader must check on everyone and not lose no one, plus make sure you look at your surrounding again, make sure no one is wandered off, or getting injured

2. Have a plan, if you are in a group have a plan, like where are the spots you want to check out, what time is everyone good at, have plans make a list and then you are set

3.if you are going to plan a night schedule, make sure you are safe, make sure that when you go at night go to some safe areas that you feel comfortable, if you are entering a new area keep your eyes open and your group as well.

remember pokemon trainers and cybersmile community and cybersmile gaming, stay safe and enjoy the game as well, terky out.
Good advice Terk. It does have some risks but so long as people act responsibly there should be no dramas. Ive heard some scary stories about people getting hurt or just doing plain stupid stuff like jumping in rivers or stepping into traffic.
Personally I think it is a genius move by nintendo to get people out and about. One of the biggest problems with games is the complete lack of exercise or physical stimulation. Regular walking is about the best thing you can do to stay in shape easily so my hat is off to the guys at Nintendo for yet again coming up with a groundbreaking concept that has got literally millions of people off the sofa.
Really like what you wrote. I actually had to promise my mum I would ask permission to go into someones private garden if a Pokemon was there ;)
A lot of us from school (not just my closer group of friends) met in a nearby park and spent hours searching, finding and laughing. It was so much fun. I think its the best game possible. Especially for summer!
Good that you wrote this. People need to be well informed and think. Not just go out and play.
remember to stay safe and join VALOR, hahaha