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Cybersmile gaming topic: PlayStation news

well been a while again, but have some new for this holiday season,

today was the day that sony introduced the new Sony playstation slim and Playstation pro are announced first we begin with the playstation slim:

Playstation slim:

cost - $300 dollars

when: September 15, 2016

notes: yes next week that new Playstation slim comes out, same as the older ps4, the slim is a smaller version but has the power of the older ps4, so get ready next week the slim makes it debut

Playstation Pro"

cost - $400

when - Nov 10, 2016

notes: Playstation pro, is one of the weirdest console design, looks like a sandwich, but what make is hard to understand is the pro? like if you owe a 4k tv it works, and that is all I understood from the console, have a 4k tv and you are all set with beautiful lighting and amazing graphics, but that is all i got, like nothing kind of stood out for me.

my thoughts: I would buy a Playstation slim, reason being is the new price point and a slimmer design, as for the pro i would wait, cause it feels odd like it feels out of place, sure 4k sounds amazing, but 4k tv? i dont know no one yet with a 4k tv, so i would pass this holiday season until further notice

well that is all of the new i got ill see what i can post for this week take care.

terky out.