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Cybersmile gaming topic: Online what can you do?

Well new topic online gaming:

* online has change

* how can you prepare yourself

* how I prepare myself

gaming has come a long way since online gaming, but with it comes a price, its more like a wild west than a proper intro, with people yelling, people shouting, people cursing and racism, it can be super scary especially if you dont know what to do, but fear not yes online gaming can be scary but that is where i meet my friends who ive been gaming with its not easy but i know you can do it.

How to prepare yourself? Once you start online gaming, you will definitely be hit with tons of curse words and i wouldn't be surprised if it was the first match, but how do you prepare yourself?

1. try to be the quiet type, reason being you dont want to start a argument with a team member or someone who is really toxic, nothing good will come out of it, being quiet gives you a slight advantage, A. you learn the game especially for online battle believe me you dont want to be called a noob, B. once you get the feel of the game, you can learn the lingo and hopefully you gain some confidence.

2. try small talk, when i enter a competitive game, small talk really helps, like knowing where the enemy players are, knowing where you are? and knowing the map, this helps out so much, cause then people will start talking, if you get 1 person who is a troll or toxic there is always a mute button, but what im saying is that at least you may have 1 person who will understand and start talking and maybe you can be friends with this person.

3. Confidence! Believe it will be hard, cause there are times when i act as the team captain and i dont like being team captain, but you have too take control at times, also you have to confident too, will be hard, but in the long run you will find people who will like you and become friends, just try to be confident and learn.

How i prepare myself? well at first i didnt, have a booklet telling me the do and donts for gaming etiquette, i have to learn myself, at first i chatted a lot, i mean a lot, but notice that i was the one annoying people i had to change my ways, so i became quiet and started learning, then after that started talking a little and little to gain confidence, after that people notice me and join a club.

with time i become confident, sure there are times when i get bit anxious cause there are times i take the leadership roles, but once i started making friendship my quiet side became my funny side, with a bit of slip ups, but like i said will take a bit of time, but i came out of my shell.

well that is all for now, just be confident that is the like the biggest tip i can give for joining a online game, will be scary, but just have fun and you will be rewarded.

thank you, terky out
Great advice. Like learning about social dynamics in a new group of people in real life, online games is the same as any social group that you are trying to fit into. Speak less and learn more by listening. Good job Terky.
This advice is great. I mostly prefer to be the leader on team, the one who leads it, especially when I'm one of the best players. I play with some italian players, whose language I don't know, and a friend of mine translates them, glad I'm learning a new language. Also another game, players are mostly Brazilian, and I have a good time playing with them, they're nice. I often shout "here comes (username) the legend" on chat whenever a great player comes in room. Also when someone calls me a hacker, I love this moment, I take it like a compliment. And again, nice post Terky. 👍