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Cybersmile gaming: topic negative side to gaming and what can you do about it.

I would like to start with the negative side of gaming, topic will include,

* rookies (noobs)
* hate mail
* swearing (hate, swear, etc.)
* sexism
* is it enough

I'm just going to apologize first about this topic, cause in my experience yes I have done these things in the past, while I do joke around with my buddies about it, someone new might not understand it and will be hurtful, so I do apologize.

let's begin.

- Rookies: in gaming we get a bunch a new players every day, a Noob is a term in gaming we use to describe a new player starting out, we tend to use this word a lot, sometimes we joke around with our friends calling them noobs, but in reality a new player will think negatively and be hurtful at times, sometimes we gamers get really mad at new players cause of the beginner levels and don't know what they are doing.

- Beginner solution - there is some hope, some games let you play with AI (Artificial Intelligence) this helps out with new people, it helps them out learning the maps, weapons, and characters, since the AI can be modified to be easy, normal or hard. Another tip look at YouTube videos and twitch videos and study them to see how can you perform better.

- Hate mail: unfortunately this is one thing in gaming that is sad and scary, scary because no one knows how to deal with it and then you feel threaten, in my case I've gotten a few hate mail, but the way I see it are 2 things, 1. when I get a hate mail its usually from the enemy team that I beat so I just shake it off and laugh cause that person is losing, 2. they want you to respond and see how far they can take it, which is sad, but happens.

- Solutions for hate mail: lucky every game has a report button, this works well to report players especially if they feel threaten, also there are block buttons and mute buttons, another solution is to not respond cause if you do all you are doing is feeding the person so don't respond.

- Swearing: this is happens a lot and I mean a lot in gaming, unfortunately there is no solution to this problem, especially in the real world, so pretty much the only solution I can give you is to mute people or don't listen to people who swear, this is hard cause the only person who can control these actions is yourself.

- Sexism: this is scary for female gamers, cause female gamers tend to be more harassed than us male gamers, reason why is cause when we see a female gamer our minds automatically go with "well I found my future wife" and it's sad, cause female gamers have to work 100x harder to prove that they can play and prove themselves, also when they speak gamers get confused that the voice is a little kid and not female, so this hurts even more.

- Solution for sexism: well there are community who defend women in gaming, and also the barriers are getting broken in gaming and Esports, with women playing competively, this topic will be discuss further in the future, cause its one of those topics that I get angry about.

- Enough?: last topic is it enough? Well in the world of online gaming it's more like the Wild West where there are no rules, the only rules you can make is yourselves, online gaming also give you a warning saying that content of this game might be different, so the only solution I can give you is to be careful and make your own rules on how to play no matter what people say, your just playing just to have fun which gets lost in gaming including me sometimes.

well at least this helps out a bit on the negative side of gaming I know it sounds rough and scary, but there are steps to help out, once the community grows I will put up my GT (gamer tag) so that people can enjoy a good time and maybe learn something in return.

thank you cybersmile gaming.
NIce one Terky, great viewpoint on the negative aspects of gaming and how to deal with it. I thing it is great that gamers are in many ways, looking after their own communities and each other! Dealing with haters must be really difficult if you are a complete noob! It is really good to see that some gamers do care!!
Hi Terky,
this is really good stuff, are you after my job!!!???? LOL
Seriously, excellent insights from a seasoned gamer like yourself are so helpful to new gamers and other visitors to the forum who want to learn about the realities of gaming. Keep it real, keep it coming. Nice one indeed Terky. :))

In reply to Mac

haha are you hiring then? but thanks ill keep more post open
It's difficult sometimes being a female gamer and getting abuse and harassment. Sometimes it can feel like it's worth stopping gaming because until Cybersmile there was nowhere to get any help or even just talk to people who understand how painful the abuse can be. Now we have Cybersmile it just feels a bit more 'covered' if we need them. I think gaming needed Cybersmile so people have the option to get help if they want it. Great topic btw.

In reply to GamerGirl

I understand i will talk about this topic on saturday or sunday. Its also interesting that you said cybersmile and gaming, cause i have notice that some sites dont cover gaming in their topics, just facebook, twitter, feels like gaming its a hard subject cause no one is not sure where to start and where to find help.