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Cybersmile gaming: topic, my idea

so a couple of hours ago i post about E3, with a announcement, so far nothing yet, but im a bit impatient so i want to share something with you cybersmile gamers,

as i been in the forums i see gamers posting here, i like that but yet i feel that there isnt like safe place to interact with all of you.

* is to create a cybersmile gaming, a place were people could have fun, learn strategies and meet people, without being rediculed or bullied.

* i want to help out you, like ive said before ive never been bullied before, but i have hurt people, ive learn my lesson it cost me a lot, but i want to change that, i want to help you in gaming.

* i want cybersmile to grow, so i think this might a good place to start.

My Strategy:

1. i want to begin with a game called destiny, created by bungie, destiny the way i can put is a FPS (first person shooter) with RPG elements and powers, in my encounter in this game i have help people, in raids which are 6 teammates fighting bosses and getting loot, help in multiplayer and nightfall which is a level but hard.

2. in destiny they have groups or clan system, i would like to have a cybersmile tag, and inv people from the cybersmile community to come and be safe.

3. i will moderate, see what works and what doesnt work, ill be active in both gaming and checking the forums to see, who needs help.

4. any questions?

im here to ask cybersmile foundation and cybersmile gaming for permission to give a safe place to people who are bullied and give them a positive reason to play on

thank you terky out

In reply to Mac

ya thank you for replying, i really like to do this to help out gamers out there, i did send them a email just waiting for a response now but thank you
Hi Terky, nice one, I like the way you're thinking!! You don't need permission to form a team with the Cybersmile tag. We have lots of support from the gaming industry and are recognised as a safe place to come and chat, or get advice. Our community forum here is highly moderated and we look after everyone as much as we can, including gamers.
This is safe place to interact with gamers and we will ensure that continues. As we grow we will attract more and more gamers/supporters who will carry our message into gaming communities, which is a great thing to be a part of. Maybe you could email the team at [email protected] for more input on this idea?