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Cybersmile gaming topic: lone wolf vs team play

well been a while since i have posted and hello to the cybersmile gaming and community, so we begin with a new topic: lone wolf vs team play in the gaming world.


what is a lone wolf

what is a team player or team game?

cons and pros of each.

So we begin with, what is a lone wolf?

well a lone wolf, is someone who plays alone and enjoys it, ya there are times when it gets annoying if you dont have a good solid team, also playing lone wolf can be a bit lonely, cause you can spend hours playing and no one doesnt seem to care to send you a inv or hear you out, cause you can spend hours on your craft but its also hard when no one is looking for you.

pros for lone wolf:

* practice and practice without being yelled at or you yelling at someone.

* learn new strategies

* learn characters: like what are your strenght and weakness

cons for lone wolf:

* its lonely believe me get annoying

* you put in 100% and yet no one seems to care

* sometimes lone wolfing aint for the best

* get a bit scare when playing with other people cause of what reaction you might get.

we begin with what is team play?

In gaming, its nice to have a team, doesnt matter if you have 2 people or 6, its nice to have a good core group, its also good to have people to talk too and have a good laugh also you can work together in team games, but also can lead into some consequences if you dont listen and react a certain way, this include like heavy competitive games and a bad losing streak.

pros for team play:

* you have a squad!! yay!!

* you can work together

* you feel comfortable playing with them cause you know each and every ones strategies

* have funny stories and enjoy the game

* fun, make hilarious mistakes and hilarious strategies

cons for team play:

* careful what you say, competitive games can be rough and there are times when you will yell at your friends and teammates for not stepping up their game.

* its like a balancing act, between having fun and winning, cause you dont want to be rude and you also dont want to be the mean person.

* losing streaks and making fun of the person, not the best recipe, believe me has happen to me when i lost my cool, but after that we were ok.

so pretty much of it for lone wolf vs team play this week ill write a bit more about other subjects and thank you cybersmile gaming and community.

terky out
You need lots of confidence for lone wolfing : (

In reply to GamerGirl

pretty much, ive been playing lone wolf for a long times, you get used to it, but its nice to be appreciated sometimes and be part of a group of people that will always be there for you, its hard, but you have to fight on, that is why im asking cybersmile for permission into create a group dedicated to gamers to the cybersmile family

In reply to terky2236

Sounds cool, they seem to be doing more and more gaming based stuff which is great because they've got a really 'modern' approach which works for all different people.