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Cybersmile Gaming topic: funny story time

Well Cybersmile gamers and commnunity, might as well take a break and show you the funny side of gaming, lets start with my hilarious story time.

the ye old taunting bad idea technique?

- Taunting is when we beat someone, we taunt them, usually this happens a lot in multiplayer, espicially a taunt called T - bag, but why is this funny? Well there has been funny stories when i got taunted or taunted back.

- This tends to happen to me a lot, i taunt the enemy and get killed, i taunt the enemy i got ran over by a vehicle, the best one happen when me and 5 group of friends where taunting in a single player game, we were taunting the AI (Artificial Intelligence) so as we were taunting Karma decided to haunt us, as we were taunting a huge monster shows up out of the blue, doing a belly flop and killing us all while taunting, ya that was a good laugh

the ye old ban from driving and flying in video game technique

- in gaming you will have vehicle combat, usually are cars or helicopters or tanks or planes, well this has caused tons of trust issue in gaming, like do i trust you flying or driving? believe me there are tons of trust issue haha.

- well funny story, i have been banned from driving and flying vehicles, one time in a game called halo 2, i drove the vehicle to pick up a fellow team mate in CTF (Capture the Flag) he got in the vehicle, but what did i do? well i drove a little too fast, and couldnt control the vehicle and slipped the vehicle into a ditch, then the enemy tank came and destroy us. yep that day i was officially ban from driving vehicles.

the ye old glitches

- ah glitches where they might help you or might anger you, but they can definitely have a good story or two in them.

- well me, my cousin and a good friend had a funny glitch in halo 3 single player, so there is a map where vehicles cannot cross, but i decided to screw the rules and go full speed, well came across a glitch with one lucky grenade and a good jump and bam, we enter a building with a vehicle? but wait wouldnt the vehicle explode? nope it was amazing like it had god mode on, so enemies couldn't hurt it, but every time when we took the vehicles it had a mind of its own, like get in the turret and it will fly, drive and it will get stuck, ah so many good memories.

the ye old can i trust my friends and team mates?

- ah this one has a funny story cause when you play with your friends you know someone has to be the class clown, someone has to be the one to put a smile on everyone face when things get rough in gaming.

- had some funny stories like the ye old there is a treasure chest there, but there isn't i just want a good laugh technique, or the ones where you team mates betray you cause you accidentally shot a rocket it hits them and not the enemy, ya so many funny stories can happen between friends.

well that is all if you have funny story then share it, could be gaming or could be something in the real world

well there will be more post like always, later cybersmile gaming and community terky out.
Banned from driving. Hahaha. Have you got your licence back yet? Thats brilliant Terk, love it.
My son is on Overwatch and like LOL characters you all get different taunts that you can do. He uses a character that does the old Bruce Lee come on taunt with his hand, its just so funny to see the other teams reaction, cracks me up every time.

In reply to Cyberninja

yep Overwatch has funny emotes for character, like winston is my favorite monkey has to eat his peanut butter.
i think taunting and trash talk are all part of the game, to a certain degree. It happens in all real sports and is termed as 'psyching' or 'gamesmanship' etc. I don't think it is bullying but with gaming it can be difficult to see if the other person is actually upset or just giving as good as they get. Like in real sports, the line between trash talk and personal attacks is one that we should all thinking about when we get carried away. Do love a good taunt though :))