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Cybersmile Gaming: topic friends and relationships

well been a while since i wrote, this is what happens when i play too much games haha.

ok going to keep it short, but gaming has taught me a few things:

1. friends: these people have been there, once i turn on my console they are always there, they can send inv, either for a good chat or need help in something.

2. relationships: in gaming there is a like a good story, people have meet each other thru gaming and also they have gotten married, heck there are even proposal videos as well.

so what am i saying: well simple you will encounter good people out there, it will be scary at first cause of the trust factor, there will be people who will be mean or dont even care, so you have to trust yourself, but the reward can be great. You may find the one or find a really really good friend somewhere.

this week ill write a bit more thank you cybersmile gamers, play on - terky out