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Cybersmile Gaming: topic female gamers

hallo Cybersmile community and Cybersmile gamers,

topic of today female gamers, this topic I really need to be careful what I say so forgive me, but this topic always tends to get me angry cause in reality we are all gamers, doesn't matter your race, gender, skin color, we are all gamers, but yet in gaming it still considered a boys club, that women have to prove themselves 100x harder to compete, here are my reactions:

topics will include:

* Why

* white knight theory: both good/bad

* What can you do?

* My thoughts

let's begin on the why? Aspect shall we,

- Why? Why are female gamers get more harassed than us males? Well its simple when a female gamer plays, male gamers react different in not a good way, one side is "I HAVE FOUND MY WIFE!!!" cause she plays game, she just wants to have fun and not get bombarded with letters saying hey you are a female can I play with you? or hey want to be my GF? the other side is girls should not be playing games or do anything nerdy? it's more of a boys club.

- Why PT.2? when I go to conventions you see female cosplayers dressing up in their favorite character, yet these female cosplayers get a bad rap too, dressing up too sexy or not being a real nerd/gamer, what I do, is I ask for a picture, there is nothing wrong with that just ask and don't be a creep.

- White knight: the white knight is pretty much how it sounds, just like in fairy tales, white knight comes by and protects the princess or the damsel in distress and gets reward with a kiss, this is a term we use in gaming, to protect female gamer, I myself I am a white knight, the reason being is because I will admit I am overprotected, and when it comes to female gamers it gets me mad, cause you see people acting differently and rude, that when I step in and say enough man and leave us alone all we just want to do is play.

- White knight controversy: while people will please you and say thank you, other male gamers will be mad at you, acting like "oh you are just doing it cause you like her" or " you are just doing it for attention" another problem with the white knight theory is that female gamers don't want someone to protect them, they want to protect themselves, and I'm fine with that, but you can also see why this white knight theory is mix in both side, one side she can handle it for herself, but the other side is yes she can handle herself, but at least there should be someone out there protecting her.

- What can you do? lucky for you, there are sites to help women play in a free environment without getting heckled, one cybersmile, two anykeys which help women be empowered and help them out, there are many sites to help you out, just finding and choosing will be the problem.

- My thoughts: for me a gamer is someone who is playing games, doesn't matter if you are male or female, doesn't matter race or skin color, we are gamers no matter what, in my career I have meet few gamer girls, and yes do they get a bad rap while playing online that they just don't talk and don't want to get abusive messages, for me if you want to prove to me? all you have to do is play games get a understanding, single player or multiplayer, then you got my respect, people should accept gamers no matter what they are.
I will add more to this topic later,

well Monday I'll give you a insight into myself more like a introduction 2.0, ill add more to this topic a bit later, but thank you. Terky out.
well good dont give up, just be strong and game on, ya toxic players make a small group but they can do major damage, but as time goes and this site grows we will bring everyone together

In reply to terky2236

Yup, it sucks. I will not give up though!! I believe that the more people like us who just want to game without hate or abuse that can show by example how to behave that the balance will shift so that being 'reasonable' with banter and gamesmanship is seen as the only way to contribute to any gaming space. Once the gaming platforms, admin teams and players start working together to make toxic players the unwanted minority (which is basically what they are), then we will start to see change.

In reply to Petula

they just want the attention, they see a female gamer and believe that she is vulnerable, so they poke her till they get a respond, it sucks, cause there are few gamers who dont care if you are male or female, but yet its hard for female gamers they quit multiplayer or dont game at all, and its sad, cause everyone should game no matter what, it just sucks that gamers believe that is a male club and women are not allowed
If i play, then i usually keep myself gender neutral or male, it just saves so much grief. I do appreciate your sentiment and your approach to it but I still find it difficult to accept when I see sexist comments popping up, not every gamer is like you. I think many do it, not because they are actually sexist, but because they know its a good way to get at you and put you off the game. Maybe that is a coping mechanism?