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Cybersmile Gaming topic: Esports pt. 2

Hello Cybersmile gaming and community, time for Esports part 2. since part 1 was great, but part 2 gives a bit of info:

topics include

* Will Esports be bigger than our standard sports (futbol, baseball, etc)

* Who has the biggest Esports

* Whats the future

Who has the biggest Esports following? Well you wont believe it, it is not the US or Europe, but Korea is the biggest Esports, before Esports even excited, they have sold out crowds and their players are treated like rockstar, they are so big that they have personal chef and coaches to make them more comfortable, its so big they even have channels dedicated to them, so Korea is your Number 1 spot for Esports.

Will it be bigger than (football, baseball, soccer, etc.)? Well its hard to tell, but give it a few more years, right now Esports is getting big, and has been sold out in stadiums, but give it time, cause there is still a stigma with pro gamers, cause people dont know how to react or dont know how to accept it, cause people think video games and sports together? that is madness, so give it some time, but right now its starting to get big.

Whats the future? Well as far as i can see it, Esports is going to grow up bigger, it started out small as a child, now it has grown up, now we had to wait for Esports to hit its prime, there is merchandise of groups and group followings, fans up fans seeing their favorite player compete, give it some time and esports will grow even bigger.

well that is all for now, lets see what i can think of this Saturday or Sunday, take care cybersmile gaming and cybersmile community terky out.
Im reading all sorts of developments about esports and how mainstream it is becoming, including one about a governing body which will adjudicate on doping and cheating disputes as well as uphold 'rules and regs' for esports in general. Sounds like it is all being taken very seriously.