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Cybersmile Gaming: Topic E3

My favorite event is almost here, our super bowl our last day of gaming before us gamers got into our summer hibernation mode (since summer no new game is out), were we say goodbye to our wallets and decided what game are coming out this year, what surprises, and what is getting us excited I am talking about E3.

topic include:

* What is E3

* When does it start?

* Sites you can watch

* Funny Stories?

- What is E3? So we begin with what is E3?, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) it covers all topic in gaming, from the big guys to the little guys, E3 starts on June for only 3 to 4 days, usually those days are covered with, what new games is being featured and what is hot right now.

- What is E3? Pt. 2: before E3 became our super bowl, there wasn't a lot of info on how to get video game information, magazine helped, but wasn't a lot, E3 came at first it was small, cause the only two console was the Super Nintendo and Sega, but once Sony came with the PS1 it all changed.

- What is E3? PT. 3: Well now E3 has press conference from every gaming company from: Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and so on, it also gives you a chance to see what game has the company worked on and see if the rumors are true, but E3 died a few years ago, it was getting big, that it almost killed itself, but thanks to the fans and consumers E3 was back, and now E3 has been officially back even better and more chaotic.

- When does it start? as I said starts in June, but before that they have a warm up session, it start with press conference from all the big publishers, then the show begins a day later, I'll give you a head start on what you should be watching and times as well.

- where can you watch it? and can I attend? good thing is any video game site is going to show E3 coverage, from twitch.tv to Ign.com, including your Xbox and ps4, unfortunately E3 is not open to the public, only press, game publishers, media, etc. and if you are lucky maybe a fan or two.

- Funny Stories: well E3 is fun cause you can watch it alone or with a group of friends, reason why it's funny cause there are jokes around it, one is our wallets, with all these new games coming out our wallets will feel the burn, another hibernation see there is nothing good to play during summer gives people a chance to play other games before the big ones hit, also summer is like a hibernation period to relax aka boredom haha.

well that is all for now ill post more about E3, also Saturday ill write about a topic called toxic players and what can you do about it.

thank you, terky out.
This is fantastic information Terky thank you!
yep yep, ill be posting times and what to look for and stuff
LOL, summer hibernation!! That's so funny. Still, its a chance to catch up on some sunlight!!
My nephew is immersed in LOL and Ark, and plans to spend his summer playing late into the night, avoiding 'that bright thing in the sky', he cracks me up.

In reply to Adam

Gamers are next level when it comes to sleep patterns and fresh air! I've gone an entire week before without natural daylight!
ah the big red ball in the sky haha, yep we gamers sure have our own lingo when it comes to these things haha