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Cybersmile gaming topic: E3 terky rewards PT. 3

Well part 3, the first annual terky rewards, for E3:

topics are:

Best press conference

best surprise

Best game of this year

Best game for next year

Game to worry about

Winner of E3

and here we go:

Best press conference: we have good press conference and ok press conference but one stood out yet again.

Sony - wins best press conference: again they keep coming up with games and hidden gems, plus with the sony VR headset coming this holiday, looks like sony is still the king

best surprise: well there are 3 games that stood out as a shocking, but the winner was

Last Guardian - winner for best surprise, this game has been in developement for 9 years, with rumors of cancelled and not cancelled, the game finally share light and with a release date of October this was the winner.

Best game of this year: well with so many games, what can I choose, and frankly this was hard, but the best game had to go with.

Final Fantasy 15 - game of this year, I could of gone with last guardian, but looks like this Final Fantasy might be good and with the real life graphics, a movie and coming to the Xbox 1, lets hope that this will be the Final Fantasy that we are all waiting for

Best game for next year: this is easy and hopefully it wins game of the year for 2017

Legend of Zelda - best game for next year, Zelda finally arrives, with open world and a new story just hope that this new Zelda can replace Ocarina of Time.

Game/console to worry about: we all have gone thru, this could be a movie, song, or a book, etc. gaming is the same thing, we are not sure how will it respond? Will it work or not work.

Sony VR system - winner of game/console to worry about: with a price point of $399 and a holiday release, might be a big gamble for Sony, that there was a few games shown, so cross fingers and hopefully it works or will be a failure.

terky big Winner of E3: the big terky award, could be a game, console, press conference or anything in general

terky winner for E3 is: Sony and Microsoft: why i choose two? Well Sony revealed game after game, and with the VR they could of won solo if Microsoft didnt showcase the New xbox S coming this year and Project Scorpio, and Microsoft also shown new dashboard update and few secrets, so I had to choose Sony and Microsoft as both winners

well that is all Saturday or Sunday ill write the final entry for E3 being my thoughts overall,

the first terky awards for E3 is over, if there is anything i missed or like to add please tell me and see how the second annual goes.

keep on gaming cybersmile gamers terky out.