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Cybersmile gaming: topic E3 press conference PT. 1

well hello cybersmile gaming, our E3 press is over, this week ill post E3 related content and put funny awards, but first we start with the press conference.


- Microsoft

- Sony

- Nintendo

- EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda

we begin with,

*Microsoft: As always Microsoft enter the game with a annoucement, "everyone gets to play", what does that mean? well with windows 10, you can know play xbox games without buying the same game, just play whenever and wherever you please.

Microsoft: also unveil the new xbox S and xbox Scorpio, Xbox S is a 40% smaller version of the Xbox 1 coming this year, price point is the kicker: Xbox S 500GB goes $300, Xbox S 1 Terrabite $350 and Xbox S 2 Terrabite $400, while the Scorpio comes out next year, all i know is that it will be the most powerful console up to date.

Microsoft: new line up of games, we have Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1, Recore, We Happy Few, Final Fantasy yes its coming to X1 etc. poor wallets so many games.

Mircrosoft: also said they will expand communities and tournaments, once this goes online maybe a cybersmile gaming community can happen.

* Sony: yet again they come out strong as ever, they dont seem to quit, biggest surprise was God of War, children should stay away from that game, but players like myself who have played it this was a big surprise

Sony: surprise after surprise, in my prediction i said crash bandicoot? and finally we are getting a facelift for crash bandicoot, also god of war a big surprise, and the game that will not die no matter what The Last Guardian finally get a release date of october of this year, also Horizon zero dawn comes out next year.

Sony: with more surprises like VR, get a release date of october as well but showing some games that will be introduce to VR like Resident Evil 7 (Biohazard 7) sony is starting out with the VR campaign.

Sony: good year for them, oi my wallet no!!

Nintendo: not as strong but they have a few announcement, pokemon go coming the end of july at a price of $35 for smart phones, this one is going to be exciting cause we can capture pokemon in the real world, oh boy hopefully the locations wont get too crazy.

Nintendo: Legend of Zelda: Breaht of the wild, coming next year, but finally some details, like the first open world for the Zelda series, that also you can beat the game without beating the story, that is interesting so we will find out.

EA, Ubisoft and Bethesday: Not a lot of surprises, but a few stand out.

EA: finally battlefield 1 was shown, going with word war 1, we see weapons and vehicles used during World war 1, including blimps, we also saw more star wars footage, not a lot of info but we are seeing more star wars games, we also saw mass effect andromeda, not enough info yet.

Ubisoft: few surprises, one they show footage from the Assasins creed movie, also some Ghost Recon game footage was shown, watch dogs 2, but that is all

Bethesda: Dishonored 2 was finally shown, and we can play 2 characters plus with the weather and if you pre order you get dishonored 1 for free, Prey was the biggest surprise cause prey 2 got cancelled, but prey not a lot of info but good to see a surprise, also fallout 4 new expansion including elder scrolls online.

well that is all for now Pt. 2 will be about games, then Pt. 3 prizes and Pt.4 my overall thoughts

thank you keep on gaming cybersmile gamers, terky out.
WOW! Thanks for the update on E3. My brother is foaming at the mouth about the new Zelda game. Going to need big pockets if he wants to explore other new releases though.
Great post, very informative.