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Cybersmile gaming: topic E3 conference PT. 2

hello cybersmile gamers and Cybersmile community, topic of E3 pt. 2 is about games

topics include:

what comes out this year?

what comes out next year?

and what to watch?

so i like to begin with games that you should watch out for next year, gives you time to decided to look at videos and make your own assumption.

2017 games to look out for:

* Halo wars 2: coming next feb

* Dishonored 2: reserve it and get Dishonored 1 for free

* Horizon zero dawn: beautiful game, has a release date of Feb, game that should keep an eye out.

* God of war: the god of war Kratos has returned, i dont recommend this game for the little kids, but for the adults and me myself good to see a old friend return.

* Star war games: so many star wars games, plus a third person star wars games, the return of star wars 1313?

* Prey: game that somehow was cancelled but not, and not sure if its a remake or a sequel who knows.

* Quake: the orginal king of multiplayer is back with a facelift, not a lot of info so more details in August maybe.

* Crash Bandicoot: ah the playstation answer to Mario, crash will be back with updated graphics cant wait

might of missed some games, but here are the games that will come out next year

now the games coming out this year:

* Gears of war 4: 25 years after the incident of gears 3, now gears 4 show new character, enemies and weapons

* The Last Guardian: the game that was once cancelled, come back, cancelled, comeback, now has a release date of October

* Sony VR: the first VR for the console, coming to Playstation this holiday

* Xbox S: the smaller version of the 1 this holiday season

* Call of duty: or Cod enough said

* Recore: xbox 1 game this holiday season

* Destiny (lords of Iron): new expansion this holiday

* Happy few: creepy game, but comes out this August not sure

* Final Fantasy: this holiday as well

ah man, goodbye wallet yet again.

now its time to what to look out for.

* Xbox S: not as cheap but at least its 40% smaller and no kinect included

* Last Guardian: Playstation owners this is the game from Ico team

* Recore: been a while since ive played a adventure game on the xbox 1

* Playstation VR: will find out if VR can make it to console

Well that is all ill will update some if i find something missing, but thank you on Friday will be awards and Saturday or Sunday my thought.

keep on gaming cybersmile gamer, terky out
Holy cow dishonoured 2? are you kidding me? thats my favourite single player game i've ever played i can't wait for that, thank you so much for the update i would have never known otherwise. I really hope that they make a multiplayer version of it and it retains it's charm. Thanks turkey!