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Cybersmile gaming topic: Balance

hello again time for another topic of balance? Wait what?

what balance in gaming?


before everyone freaks out and starts to riot, what I mean is balance, some people have jobs, relationships and family, it can be tough to balance gaming into the mix, especially when you have a new game to play or some multiplayer in you.

its hard to balance game, you have to work on a schedule, like what days you have the day off, what time is a good time to play, what is your limit? what can you do to make your gaming session a bit longer? this is why a schedule is good

what i do? well i wake up, then decide like 9am or 10am is a good time to play, but first i must eat, cause you know gamers need food too to live, then play for a few hours like 4 or so hours, cause you need a limit to walk or drink or get more food.

well pretty much gaming is a balance beam, you dont want to over stress, plus there are times you have to do important stuff and keep it on hold, but dont worry cybersmile gaming, the games will be there waiting to be played.

more topic in the following days. thank you terky out