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Cybersmile gaming: ESL and Cybersmile together

Hello everyone, terky here again with more gaming news: been a bit absent playing too much destiny and see what other topics i could write but here we go with the biggest news in gaming since the discovery of chocolate and peanut butter.

ESL (Electronic Sports League) one of the biggest Esports site, they have different subgroup: ESL counter strike, ESL league of legends and ESL Katowice, ESL is the biggest group with prize pool reaching Millions, its definitely the hub for all Esports league.

Cybersmile: if you havent read my info page well what brought me to cybersmile was the gaming, usually bullying comes in all types but gaming is different cause no one knows how to handle it or who to talk to about it, that is why i joined and give my knowledge about it, as the community will grow i will share more and more.

ESL and Cybersmile: Now this is big news why? Cause ESL employ Esports players and similar to sports, they can be role models as well and in gaming this can change too, people can have a safety net and not be scarred when entering gaming anymore, this is a big step for the gaming community, tune in to see in cybersmile see what else they are doing for the gaming community cause this is a big step for esports and cyber bullying in gaming.

this week ill write about gaming in the online world, well cybersmile gaming keep playing stay strong terky out.
Agreed Terkster, this is pretty epic. I know ESL host the biggest tournaments around the world and how big they are in the gaming world. Non gamers probably have never heard of them! I like Cybersmile's style, great partnership.
I'm looking forward to seeing how ESL and Cybersmile can work together. Racist abuse and other types of hate are not welcome in games and it could be a major issue for the big tournaments that are streamed live.
I think Cybersmile and ESL becoming partners and working together is awesome. I know so many people who game but get really upset by some of the stuff being said. The people probably don't mean most of it but I think people need to learn how to get use to the tough gaming environments as well as people learning to try and not upset others. I hope this makes sense!