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Cybersmile Gaming: Anything you want me to cover? and a thank you

first i want to thank cybersmile and the community a big thank you, im still trying to write some topics to help you out or give you understanding, so a big thank you to everyone, as it grows ill ask cybersmile for some ideas.

well is there anything that you want me to cover in gaming or stuff in general?

* any ideas you want me to cover in gaming?

* a Question and Answer section?

* more positive on gaming and funny stories segment?

* should i invest on buying 800 coconuts?

well the list goes on, so thank you everyone, ill be posting more this week and see what i can come up with thank you so much.
Hello Terky it's nice to see someone else that enjoys video games to the same degree that i do! I would love to see some funny stories, theres always plenty to tell on the internet these days. Seeing them cheers me up a lot. I'm sure it does with other people too; and yes i think investing in buying 800 coconuts is a smart idea, those things are great :D
Positive and funny gaming stories are always good. Not sure about the coconuts.
I would like to hear how players who have been around a bit and know how to handle themselves have dealt with toxic players, other than out-flaming them, like with humour? Intelligent gaming slap-downs? Killer one-liners that will stop a charging bull elephant? Or do you think that is a form of retaliation that could make things worse??
well thank you for responding to these, maybe Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, about funny stories i can share to everyone to help it with the mood and cheer up someone thank you all