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Cyberbullying affects males too

I think it's important to recognise that cyberbullying/online bullying affects boys and men just as badly as it does girls and women. I know statistics shows that girls are a little bit more likely to be affected but I still think it's important that we keep the conversation alive around the problems males face online because otherwise men/boys will start becoming uncomfortable talking about their problems. What are your thoughts?
Very good point TheJudge, the last thing we want is boys unable to disclose that they are suffering abuse online because it is considered a 'girls problem'. I know that men's (and womens) businesses have been destroyed by negative/abusive material posted online, as have their reputations. So glad you started this topic, thank you.
I know lots of boys who get abused online, especially when gaming. It's different though because it tends to be more threatening of violence and disgusting sexual stuff about their mums and sisters. Well that's what I see when I'm playing anyhow.
I agree with THEJUDGE. There's a double standard against boys/men by society especially in regards to bullying (physical & cyber). The "theory" is the boys/men are physically stronger than their victims so any attack on them(real/on-line)should be taken less seriously; in some cases they are belittle. This "theory" (I think) causes undue pressure and uneasiness for the boys/men to open up about any bullying committed against them.
There is a quote by Franz Kafka from his Blue Octavo Notebooks “I am a cage, in search of a bird.” In this case,I think the cage is this awful double standard placed upon boys/men by society,and the bird is them trying to cry-out. The human condition applies to all genders, and we need to create any environment that allows the freedom to ask for help. The Cybersmile network is a great start and I hope boys/men speak up. The idea of a human being creating a hostile environment against another is DESPICABLE.

"Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable." Franz Kafka
I used to get abused online have people tell me on a daily just how worthless I am how no one would ever love me and I never told anyone simply because I felt that it wasn't exactly worth mentioning seeing as Cyberbullying is seen as something that only happens to girls. I didn't want to seem or look weak so I endured the suffering in silence. So I agree with you on it not just being something women or girls endure but men and boys as well and I am really glad you started this topic.