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Cyber Bullying

Whats the best way to stop it?
I have said this elsewhere but tactically "Why are you doing that?" works as well as anything. For me anyway.

More strategically, I really think it is a matter of thinking through the risks connected with the internet's existence from scratch. Blank page, what could go wrong, how can we prevent it. Not counting on supertech experts like the internet historically did, but assuming all users are pretty much clueless, vulnerable and sad.

Internet 1.0 is just cobbled together as governments and corporations went for the profits/GDP. That's my take on it. For example all comments should go to your email by default where a good body of data exists to base 'spamming'rules against cyber-bully comments. What you don't read can't hurt you.
Hi SocialCyber,
I'm glad you came onto the forum and felt comfortable to post the question, because we talk a lot about the effects of cyberbullying on our lives, but we rarely think about how to stop it.

I may have to be the voice of pessimism here (believe me, I hate to be that voice) ... But I don't think there is any way to stop it. The reason is simple: human nature. Humans are flawed creatures, and there's no way around it, therefore, there will always be those who prey on others -- whether that is in cyberspace or in real life.

The good news, however, is that even though we can't completely eradicate cyberbullying, like Mac said, we can *counter* it with good actions, good messages, good images, good support. It also helps to not hide when people have been cruel to you online and to continue shining your light, no matter what anyone says to you.

As long as there are people who are willing to be "light" in a dark world, we have hope. Darkness like cyberbullying will always be present, but that doesn't mean that the light can't cut through it.

Just keep being yourself, and if you're hit hard by cyberbullying, make sure you tell someone. This forum or "AskCybersmile" email is a great place to start. You have found a safe community here.
Wow! Thats a big question. There are so many different situations and circumstances that can contribute to someone becoming either the perpetrator or target of digital abuse, so there is no single answer. We know that through education and awareness, people can learn how to cope with the challenges of social media and online relationships better.
Stopping it completely is not a realistic outcome as people will always disagree, fall out and be mean to each other, in real life and online.
We always encourage people to engage positively with each other and to use the internet to enhance and improve their lives and the lives of those around them. So, education, awareness and positive engagement are three ways, have you got any ideas??