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Cyber bullying game

I'm thinking of developing a game where you go through scenarios and you have to make choices about whether you're going to join in the bullying, not do anything, or stand up. You get points for the good choices you make and lose points for the bad choices you make. The purpose would be to inform people about cyberbullying and to inspire them to become upstanders. Any advice? Thoughts and concerns? I want to get some objective feedback.
Hi i just came across your post, i was wondering if you ended up making your game. I think its a cool idea and it could really help people who are going through cyberbullying. i understand how tempting it can be to want to bully back, so a game like this could change someones mind, and even one less person bullying is better than none.
Go for it. If you are still at school have a word with some of the staff about learning outcomes, may help you with achieving what you want.